YEI Technology

YEI Technology has issued a new update on their funded PrioVR Kickstarter project, indicating a desired shipping date of June 2015. The initial campaign proved to be exceptionally popular, raising over four times its initial $75,000 USD goal. PrioVR is a full virtual reality (VR) suit consisting of sensors, a chest harness, headband, tracking hub and hand controllers with additional elements on higher tier suits. With backers attracted to a wireless package allowing for natural full-body tracking and interaction within a environment in real-time.

PrioVR Turns Your Body into a VR Gaming Controller

When we talk about virtual reality, we are generally concerned about VR headsets which require us to move our head and based on that, the virtual world we see, changes. With PrioVR, VR is not just restricted to head movement only. This is one virtual reality device which allows the user to immerse themselves in a digital world with full-body natural interaction. The game is changing with this device and your entire body movement will have an effect on the digital environment. You can view and manipulate items in the virtual world by moving your body, just like you could do in a real world. Interaction in digital world will be natural like the real world interaction.

YEI Receives Grant

Thanks to a $44,000 grant from the Fluor B&W Portsmouth Opportunity Fund, YEI Technology was able to expand its manufacturing capabilities.

PrioVR Reveal New Designs as They Prepare for Manufacturing

YEI, the company behind the PrioVR motion capture suit for virtual reality applications, has revealed its latest designs as the company prepares to manufacture and ship to its Kickstarter backers.

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