YEI Technology

Paul Yost

Chief of R&D and Co-Founder

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Paul has a BS in Computer Engineering and a MS in Computer Science. First teaching at the University of Cincinnati, he then moved to Shawnee State University as a professor in the Computer Engineering department and also served as Director of the Center for Advanced Research and Development. He joined YEI Technology as the Director of Research and Development in 2007. Paul oversees all development, and is the definition of a DaVinci-style renaissance master of anything and everything that needs to be designed or built.


Jordan Chaney

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Jordan is our Manufacturing Engineer, and has a BS in Plastics Engineering. She oversees the entire manufacturing and QA process. She is also an amazing musician and has recently self-produced an album. If you’re lucky, you can catch her at open-mic events in the area.

Richard Janita

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Richard is part of our production team, and is completing a degree in Digital Simulation and Gaming. He sometimes uses the laser cutter to engrave questionable pictures on things he shouldn’t. True story.

Nick Leyder

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Travis Lynn

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